Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Feminists and Islam

Where is all of the feminist outrage over the Islamic oppression of the Moslem women? It has been clearly shown that many Moslem women would choose not to wear the veils and burkas, if given the choice. US and UK soldiers continually report that Iraqi men routinely misuse and abuse the women in their households. "Honor" killings and other villainous behavior which reinforces Islamic claims of male superiority are over looked by the P.C. minded feminists. Not to mention the stoning of women for trumped up, minor religious offences. So much for the "Peaceful and Tolerant" religion of Islam and the espoused goals of American feminists.

Is it truly more important that women be allowed to play golf at the private Augusta golf course than mounting a protest against the oppression of the female followers of the largest religion on earth? Where are the priorities here?

Most, not all, feminists subjugate their core goals and beliefs, to the leftist Democrat Party ideology. This was clearly apparent in their fervent defense of Bill Clinton's infidelity and their attack of Arnold Swartzneger's hanky panky. Not that I am defending Arnie's boorish behavior, but they both have shown disrespect for women by acting like pigs and should have been treated equally by the feminist organizations.

The attainment of equal rights for ALL women, should be the only goal of all declared feminists. Legitimizing a political party's agenda or ignoring a religion's oppression of it's women should NOT be on a feminist's agenda.