Friday, December 05, 2003

A self-deluded Democrat or a very lost Christian?

On 12/2/03, the Saint Paul Pioneer Press printed an Op-ed piece titled, Jesus's vote, written by a Mr. Menk. He espoused a belief that Jesus would vote Democrat. He said that God is on the side of the poor, downtrodden, powerless and outcast. Mr. Menk is delusional! Jesus is on the side of ALL the faithful, whether they be poor or rich; upbeat or downtrodden; powerful or powerless; included or outcast.

Mr. Menk also claims that the Bible speaks more about the evil of greed than it does the morals of sexual issues. So I guess, he does not bury his head in the Bible and is aware today's social issues. I do not believe that Jesus would approve of homosexuality, abortion or any of the other deviant sexual issues and behaviors the Democratic Party is telling the rest of society are normal.

I also do not think that Jesus would appreciate the constant attacks of the liberal left on Christianity. Which brings me to the separation of church and state. As with any good thing, you can always go too far. America is a country founded by and for Christians. The state and church separation kept the different Protestant sects from claiming superiority and turning the young America into a theocracy, but it did not stop the founding fathers from basing many other rights and laws on general Christian principles. I do not believe that the founding fathers meant for the 1st Amendment to be used by non-Christians to remove all mention of God from public life.

Mr. Menk makes an assumption that if Republicans ran things that people would be starving on American streets and the only the Democrats are preventing that from happening. Yes, the Republicans are generally tired of Democrat sponsored wealth redistribution, but Republicans are NOT going to allow fellow Americans to die of starvation. Besides America already has the most obese poor people in the world and I cannot find the Constitutional Amendment which guarantees every poor soul a new TV.

Mr Menk claims to be a faithful Christian, but he places his own prejudice on Jesus. If Jesus walked the earth today he would not belong to any political party. If he voted, he would vote for the candidate that would best represent Christian values and way of life. Jesus loves all men and women. The Jews, the Christians, the Moslems, the rich, the poor, the gay, the heterosexual, the good, the evil, the Democrat and the Republican. Jesus loves everyone. Judgement Day must be the hardest thing for Jesus to do, having to refuse entry into heaven of a soul he loves. I do not believe being a member of either political party grants a free pass into heaven.


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