Monday, May 24, 2004

Pearl Harbor and 911

On which date did over 3,000 Americans die in a surprise attack by imperialistic fascism who’s goal is complete world domination? It has happen twice, on December 7th, 1941 and September 11th, 2001. Many in America want to believe that it is not the same thing. Those people are either pacifists, Democrats or fools. They may be more than one. In some ways this is a more critical conflict as the enemy is not a country, it is a religion and a culture. This religious war is being waged against us, not by us.

Some would like to believe that the servicemen of WWII deserve more accolades, than the servicemen today. Nothing can be further from the truth. During WWII, America was united in a common goal, without today’s intra-party partisanship and journalistic ambushing. During WWII every able-bodied male unselfishly enlisted, so every socio-economic class was represented in every unit. Unlike today’s military which is made up of mostly the lower middle class kids and below.

Today’s servicemen and women defend this country and it’s freedoms inspite of the lack support from a selfish and apathetic America. WWII veterens enjoyed the complete and united support of America while they were defending this country. Thought he WWII veterens deserve their accolades, those serviving today are courageous beyond compare, for they serve a pathetic, self absorbed country that is more divided than united.


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