Thursday, February 05, 2004

The DEMons are foolish, but scary and are to blame for 9/11!!!!!

Clinton and the Democratic Party is the main reason 9/11 was allowed to happen.

The DEMons destroyed the military and Intelligence capability by taking away money to feed their incessant and futile social re-engineering programs.

Clinton spent more time leading the DEMolisher Party and it's agenda than he did being the President of the USA. The Constitution says that the economy is the Legislative Branch's responsibility, not the President's. Yet while the Towers were burning in 1993, Slick Willy continued with his schedule and gave a speech about his Party's plan for the economy, the attack on the Towers got a very brief mention.

The real failure came when Billy refused to declare the attack a National Security threat and instead declared it a criminal matter. The FBI did a great job of bringing the surviving terrorists to justice, but the FBI was prevented from sharing the info gathered with the CIA and other agencies because it was a criminal matter. The CIA got most of the FBI info from trial transcripts. Slick Willy did nothing during his two terms to strengthen National Security and he never risked political capital in properly performing his assigned duties. Clinton was a great DEMolition Party leader, but was a miserable President.

Yes, Bush pushes his Party' agenda too, but nothing distracts him from his Constitutionally appointed tasks; Commander in Chief and Foreign Policy Director. Bush's Homeland Defense(HLD) and Patriot Act(PA) legislation should allow the free flow of information between agencies and prevent the same lapse that allowed 9/11. Bush has risked a lot of political capital to do his duty, fight then WOT and keep America safe. Something we have not seen from the DEMon President since the early sixties. 40 years without a true leader from the DEMolition Party. I don’t see a leader in the current crop of pretenders either.

The DEMons claim that Bush put together a false Coalition for Iraq. A majority of the G7 countries, a majority of NATO countries and a majority of the EU countries are part of the "False" Coalition. They are all Bush's puppies and lap dogs, Yea Right! The UN is full of corrupt and despotic countries. France has never cared much about whether we liked them, why should we care if they like us. Now it turns out that half of the UN, including France’s leaders, were taking bribes from Saddam in violation of the UN sanctions and international law. I wouldn’t want these corrupted countries fighting alongside our American soldiers, that would somehow taint the whole effort. I am glad we finally have a President that realizes that America is a sovereign country that does not need the permission of France or the UN to do what ever it takes to prevent or end terrorist attacks on US soil.

The current crop of DEMonic contenders are all claiming that they want to reverse all of the anti-terrorist progress made by Bush. They claim to be protecting civil rights. They forget the Republicans enjoy civil rights too. There have been very few civil rights abuses, when you consider America is at war. If elected any of these fools will forget their real duty, just like Billy Bob Clinton.

If the DEMons want to play with the economy, raise taxes and continue their failed social re-engineering projects, they will need to take back the House and Senate, not the White House. The Republicans in charge of the Legislature will continue to run the economy, set the tax rates cut social programs even with a DEMon in the White House.

The DEMons want to find fault with the Iraq war and rebuilding. They want to find fault with Bush’s handling of it. The Iraq war needed to be done, even most DEMon’s believe that

The true measure of the success of Bush's policies and leadership is the FACT that not one person has died on American soil since 9/11 and the anthrax attacks. NOT ONE. Bush has revived the age old American tradition of fighting our wars on enemy soil and not our own.


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