Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Dru, Lacy, Jessica and Shoshana

You remember Shoshana dont you? I will give you a few minutes.......

Why are these women more important than all of the hundreds of other people missing from foul play or war. This is not just a liberal media phenomena. Fox News has given these cases a lot of air time. None of the professed reasons, such as Lacy was pregnant or Dru and Jessica are all American girls, ring true. The sad truth was found in the hoopla over Jessica Lynch and the forgotten Shoshana Johnson.

Shoshana is the other women captured by the Iraqis with Jessica. Those who know me, know I am not a crusader for the NAACP and few subjects burn me more than the gold digging calls for reparations for slave descendents. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are village idiots of African-American society and if I was a black man I would tell those two fools to sit down and shut up. But Shoshana did more to fight off the Iraqis and earn the Hero label then Jessica did. They both deserve whatever acclaim is offered, but in equal amounts.

It embarrasses us as a nation, when we claim that discrimination is dead and then blatantly show the world that Jessica is worthy of our hero label and Shoshana is not. The differences between the two are obvious. It disgusts me that the only people worthy of media attention are pretty white girls. It is time the media re-examines their priorities and goals. It is time that American audience tells these merchants of Dirty Laundry(1) that enough is enough. But then the days when Americans had any moral fortitude or fibre are long gone. The media vultures are just giving the ignorant and blood thirsty American public what they want. The slimier and more decadent the better, just look at the recent crop of reality shows.

The media already tells many Americans what to think, who to vote for and who and what is important. Since these mindless drones have ceded their thoughts and wills to the media and the media has excepted this arrangement, it is up the media to guide these members of the hive towards the proper path. The media needs to report the news fairly, without opinions. The media needs to worry less about ratings and more about their integrity.

(1) Don Henley song about media vultures.


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