Friday, January 30, 2004

Baghdad Bribes!!!!!!!!

All the liberals are still talking about the lack of a coalition in Iraq. The fact that the US did not get a permission slip from the UN. The Tri-Pirates and others were firm in their resolve to ignore Iraq's sanction violations and resist the US's proposed action to enforce them.

Now it turns out that Saddam was bribing others with oil concessions worth billions of dollars. Concessions which were in violation of the UN sanctions and which did not help feed the sick starving population of Iraq. Every dollar was tainted with blood of the Iraqi people and any of the recipients which can be brought to justice, should be. Iraq or the Hague. It should come as no surprise that a lot of those concessions ended up in the hands of the Tri-Pirates. Germany seems to be in the clear, but Russia and France are into it up to their necks. With almost 50 countries involved, is it any wonder the US/UK coalition got no where in the UN?

Let's talk about the UN. Somehow people all over the world have elevated it's status above it's original purpose and charter. I have even been told it is a, "World Legislative Body". Excuse me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I live in a Republic. I get a chance to vote for my leaders. I never voted in an election that Kofi Annon was on the ballot. The truth is, it is a FORUM for countries that have problems with each other to discuss their differences on neutral territory. There are no requirements for membership. Despotic, tyrant and communist have the same rights as a democratic country. It is kind of ironic that many of the UN member countries do not allow democracy in their countries, but participate in a democratic process in the UN. One Country, One vote.

Over the years it's members have asked it to do more and more things beyond it's original purpose. It's peacekeeping missions, though a noble idea, have never really been successful. Israel, Cyprus, Rwanda, Somalia, Bosnia, Kosovo and the Congo. I am sure there are others, but of those mentioned the killing wasn't stopped by the UN peacekeepers. The killer got tired of killing or there was some other form of intervention.

The UN sanctions are even more ineffective. They are even worse than doing nothing at all. UN sanctions hurt the business opportunities of those countries which have a conscience and follow the rules US, UK and etc. The sanctions erect huge neon signs pointing the way for those countries which prosper in misery like Indonesia, Russia, France, Syria and etc. You know those countries that only vote for the sanctions to cut down the amount of competition and get some freebies. The thousands or millions die of starvation and the brutality of a dictator are an inconvenience only in their pursuit of wealth.

With all of these countries with influential leaders and businesses tainted with Saddam's bribes, just who was going to join the Coalition. The Arabs? They will help terrorists kill innocent Israeli children, but they won't send food to feed a starving Arab. The West? The countries that were not tainted by Saddam's bribes and have not ceded their sovereignty to the UN have generally joined the Coalition.


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