Monday, December 22, 2003

"News Media"???????????????

How can a journalist truly be a Journalist when he or she and their editors are driven by ratings. When the "News" is no longer information, but has become entertainment, what good is it? Another Blog brought this article to my attention. The gist of the article is the government is offering a feed of those events in Iraq that they want covered and are not being covered by the independent press. The article gives the views of the management of some Boston TV stations. These guys are just lost. They want nothing to do with the feed. They think they are doing a good job reporting events in Iraq. The Blog is by an Army Officer with a journalistic background and he really rips into them.

Important things passed over or poorly covered by the biased American(sic) Press;
-The Pro-Coalition, Anti-Terrorist demonstrations held all over Iraq on 12/10/03.
-The fact that almost all of the attacks on the Coalition is happening in Baghdad and to the north.
-70% of Iraq is violence free and progressing well.
-The coalition is well on it's way to turning over policing and governmental authority to the Iraqis.

The MOST important events in forming Iraq's future are happening without any notice for the media. All the media can focus on is the violence created by a very small segment of Iraqis. "If it bleeds, it leads!" How can a news media with a journalistic credo like that be allowed to call itself informative. I get better information from blogs than I do from so-called professional journalists.

There are at least two possible reasons for the contemptible reporting by the media,
-The American public is so devoid of sensitivity and morals that it can only appreciate the senseless violence reported by the media.
-The liberal media cannot bring itself to report anything that may possibly portray Bush Administration policy in a positive way.

BTW Fox News is not immune from this disease, they just as entertainment driven as the rest of them. Though I will take Fox over the rest of them any day. I don't have to put up with the incessant, mindless and rabid Bush bashing on Fox. Fox gives him the criticism he deserves and nothing more.


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