Wednesday, December 24, 2003

More liberal tripe

I wrote this to the editors of a rag called "The Nation". I thought I would share it with you.

Sacred Rage? This elitist liberal tripe written by the loathsome Mr. Baruch Kimmerling is the worst piece of garbage I have seen in a while. How any so called opinion magazine can allow a piece written by a know nothing idiot with a flair for attacking the just and defending the wrong. His claims of superior knowledge fall short because his complete and utter lack of common sense. All of his arguments ignore facts and reality.

To call a terrorist in Iraq, a guerilla, ignores the fact that a majority of Iraqis want the killing to stop. Would the asinine fool have us believe that a guerilla murdering for a cause is okay? Anyone not insulated in the cocoon of academia, knows the answer to that is no. He even professes to know that their goal is to sow panic and not to kill, I have over 3,000 reasons to disagree with him.

Just because this dumb ass has a degree and is a Jew does not make his foolish arguments valid. He has self deluded himself into that leftist belief that Islamic Terrorism is the non-Moslem's fault. The barbaric Moslem bastards would be killing us Westerners no matter what we did, short of wholesale conversion to Islam and following Islamic Law.

I am a Christian, so killing them in self defense is the only option they have given us.

Is this Nation of yours way off the LEFT COAST? Are you and your extreme leftist views taking your rightful portion of the blame for the demise of the Democratic Party in America? What is it with you left coast morons? Continually attacking the veryfundamentalss and principles that allow you to sit around and complain. You espouse views and defend values and beliefs which would end your ability to sit around and complain. Try complaining in any Islamic country. I dare you.


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