Thursday, December 18, 2003

The Tri-Pirates

The Tri-Pirate countries of France, Germany and Russia are corrupt, degenerate and immoral. They violated the UN sanctions of Iraq for profit. Many of those violations involved weapons, weapons that killed Iraqis and coalition soldiers. The UN sanction violations created debts, debts owed by the Saddam regime. When the coalition was being formed and a case made in the UN for the application of force in response to the sanction violations, the Tri-Pirate countries defended the murderous despot.

Their obstruction and dissent to freeing the people of Iraq has disqualified them from contracts that the US is paying for. The buyer can decide who they buy from. The Tri-Pirates claim that the US is violating World Bank, Free Trade and UN rules. What? The TP's are the only ones allowed to break rules? At least when the US breaks rules, we do it in the open, not in some back alley deals.


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