Tuesday, May 25, 2004

The Party of Hate.

Fringe Democrats are all lost bitter souls. They belong to the Party of Hate. You know that political party that can't find a candidate that can win an election on his own merits(AKA Gore and Kerry), but may have a chance with a Hate Bush platform.

That is how screwed up most liberals think. They want a slimy twit to be the next President of the United States, not because he might be a good President, noooo..... it's because they hate Bush.

This Party of Hate has been calling it's self the Progressive(sic) Party. What is progressive about Hate? What is progressive about Socialism? What is progressive about raising taxes? Nothing!!!!!!!!!!

Other things the Party of Hate hates, Religion, Defense, Self Reliance, Self Responsibility, People with traditional sex lives, Capitalism and Rich People(except rich Democratic Politicians).

The Liberal's latest mantra has been Diversity. Synonymous with division, divisiveness or anti-unity. Let's all gather around and see how different we are, how much better off the others are and hate them for it.

I think I will vote for the church going, God fearing man, that admits his mistakes and has the strength of will to worry more about doing his job than winning the next election. The man that the liberals and leftists of this world HATE.


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