Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Bill Clinton's legacy?

I will recount Bill Clinton's actions on the day of the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing. I have been told that he was studying a speech to promote his "plan" for the economy when word of the attack was given to him. The World Trade Center WAS the largest building in the country and I would expect that an attack on that building would have had a greater effect on Billy Boy's day than it did. Slick Willy made a fateful decision that day to ignore the national security issues of that attack and made it a FBI/Criminal matter, so he could get back to his "economy" speech.

That fateful decision tied the hands of the CIA and the FBI. By declaring this obvious national security issue as a criminal matter, Billy did not do his job. Because it was a criminal matter the FBI could NOT share info with the CIA or any other intelligence agency. These agencies had to glean the information from court transcripts, a delay of a year or more.

Now I know hindsight is 20-20, but you know that partisan panel investigating 9-11 will hammer Republicans for their failures to anticipate the 9/11 attack 8 months after taking office. They will also let that dumb ass Bill Clinton off for his failure to put in place the necessary measures to prevent 9-11 in the 6 YEARS following the 1993 attack, which was followed by the African Embassy bombings and the Cole bombing.

While the Islamic terrorists were bombing America’s buildings, ramping up their networks and swelling their ranks with new recruits, Clinton was busy cutting the intelligence budgets. While Clinton kept expanding America’s peacekeeping commitments, he was busy cutting the military by 30%. Now I know I didn’t get a tax cut during his agonizing two terms, so where did the money go? More special interest projects? A new dress for the Iron Bi…..eerrrrrr Hilary? 30% cut in the US military should have just about wiped out the National Debt in 4 years.

After listening to the Media’s unusually flattering recounting of Reagan’s legacy, I could not help but ponder what Willy’s legacy will be? The first able-bodied President that let his wife set his term’s agenda. The President that neglected our national pride and allowed it to wither again. The President that decimated our ability to defend the country from terrorism. The President that looked for every opportunity to socialize things in our capitalist country. The President that set the stage for 9/11, the worst attack on this country in 50 years. No, all of this will be marginalized and forgotten. Bill Clinton will be remembered for Monica. If you asked my kids what they remember about Bill Clinton, they would say Monica.


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