Wednesday, June 09, 2004

The Military and Republicans.

My first poster rattled my cage and put this thought into my head.

If the Military is not very highly paid(Lower middle class pay) and the Republican's are only for the rich, why is it that an overwhelming majority of active duty service people vote for Republican Presidents?

I think the Military think they will be treated properly by Republicans. I think the Military like having a boss that is a Patriot and that has America's security and values in mind with every decision. I think they like having a boss that takes his Commander in Cheif title seriously and doesn't regard it as an inconvenient part of the Constitution that they will choose to ignore as much as possible.

Clinton ignored the two duties given to him by the Constitution, CIC and Foreign Policy. The economy or welfare is not a President’s job, it is the Legislative Branch’s job. It is not the President’s job to protect/promote Gay rights or Abortion rights, it is the Judicial Branch’s job.

The Military has become more knowledgeable of how government is supposed to work than the average voter, because they both affect them in a very personal way. Most military persons will concider a Democrat for a Legislative Branch office, but very few will vote for a Democrat Presidential Candidate. Maybe because I am a vet, maybe because it is still in me, but I still vote the same way they do 20 years later. To me, it just makes sense with what I see.


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