Thursday, June 03, 2004

Democrats and their revisionist history.

Eisenhower has gotten a lot of press lately, and much of it has been very favorable. But, my lost and confused Aunt has been listening to the liberal rewrite of history and has forgotten the truth. Or she just does not want to remember. She calls Eisenhower a Republican and spits the name out like it gives her a bad taste. It is true he was elected President as a Republican, but the Democrats wanted him to run on their ticket, so must have not been too much of a hard core Republican. He was most likely more of an Independent. He said he chose Republican, because even in the fifties the DEMons were creating big government programs. He was also an anticommunist and knew socialism is a very small step away.

Anyway my Aunt, recalling the revised history once again, said Eisenhower got us into to the Vietnam war. What he did was, support the French and later the South’s President Diem, with arms and advisors. This is something we have done and continue to do all over the world. We are currently doing this in Columbia, the Philippines and Thailand to name a few. We have been helping these countries in this way for years, including during the Clinton administration. Eisenhower is not to blame for the escalation of American involvement in Vietnam.

Kennedy took office with many promises to stand up to attacks on liberty wherever they happen. Eisenhower privately warned Kennedy that he might have to send troops to Vietnam to back up those promises. Kennedy is the first President to send troops whose role was specifically to train and then lead native troops into combat. Johnson seemed to revel in the day to day intrigues the Vietnam War brought to the White House. It took the strength of will of a crooked Republican named Nixon to end American involvement in the Democrat’s war. A war they refuse to admit they started.

So my dear misguided Aunt, vilifies a WWII hero because he rejected the Democrat’s pleas to run on their ticket. She blames this same hero for a war that was actually caused by his successor, President Kennedy, whom she idolizes. This hated war was escalated by another Democrat named Johnson. And this Democrat’s war was ended by one of the most vilified Republican Presidents of the 20th Century.

Can you just see the irony?


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