Saturday, March 12, 2005

The true face of conservatism

There was one thing that really bothered me about Brandon’s comments. He really believes all Republicans are racist and Homophobic. He also has a very low opinion of southerners. He seems to really believe these opinions are known facts! So why does he have these opinions?

It can’t be because of the things we do. The current administration of a southern Republican has more minority Cabinet and other appointed officials than any other administration. The previous southern Democrat administration had none. The Democrats have claimed to be minority advocates for 40 years, yet their policies have never done the minority populations much good? Why? I believe it is because they do not try to make all Americans feel equal, their policies continue to divide us into groups of unequals. This group gets this benefit because you are a different color than this group over there! What does this do? It makes the benefit group feel like they are entitled to something and the other group feels they are being robbed of something. The groups only exist because of a political policy usually based on race. How does this promote equality and put racism to bed? It doesn’t, it is like putting gas on a fire! It is time for all Americans to reject these socially destructive policies. I believe the Democrats know this, but use these policies to keep their minority voter base.

I have no problem helping the poor! The poor of all races! I’ll save the Constitutional legality of welfare for another post. But if we are going help poor Americans, race should not be part of the equation. Not all minorities are poor and not all whites are rich. Any government policy that uses race to determine whether help is given or what level of help is given should be declared illegal. All government assistance programs should be color blind. How can any person serious about ending racism believe any different?

Similar Democratic tactics are used in the gay marriage debate and issue. Brandon thinks that if you do not endorse gay marriage you have to be homophobic! Republicans know this is bullshit, but the Democrats have a large number of its blind faithful believing it. Generally Republicans do not believe homosexuality is normal or pre-determined. We believe it is a choice and a poor one at that! We do not think that they should be shunned, fired, assaulted nor denied housing. We do not believe the government should bestow the label “Normal” on the homosexuality. Is addiction, alcoholism or any other chosen self destructive behavior “Normal”?

The lies, hatred and misinformation of the Democratic Party and liberal indoctrination is the only explanation to why Brandon holds these completely false assumptions of the ideals and goals of Republicans. His childish notions and utter brainwashed view of the world will hopefully change as he ages. African Americans are abandoning the Democratic Party in record numbers because they have come to realize truly two faced nature of that Party’s politicians.

The Democrat's policies of extending and promoting raci9sm ahve done nothing to make the minorities lives better. Minorities still have the same rates of un-employment, poverty and levels of education thay endured 40 years ago. Any progress the minorities have acheived is inspite of these policies instead of because of them. The Democrats true motive is to divide and conquer! Unity and equality is not in the Democrat’s dictionary!

Republican are a kind, caring and sharing group. We do not give or care based on the color of someones skin, we give based on their need! We wish to see America united as common people not divided into special interest and racial groups. Every American, regardless of skin color, deserve to have the same opportunities to achieve without government interference.

Liberals have needed to demonize others to explain their own failures. Out of necessity the Liberals have painted a false and demonic picture of Republicans. That picture has no basis in fact and We in no way represent it.


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