Friday, February 11, 2005

Boycott Colorado!

Tell Colorado it is a choice between Churchill or us.

It is time for a boycott of Colorado until they shit can Churchill. This America hating piece of shit has a fake heritage and a fake degree and like most liberals fake morals. My Indian heritage is better documented than this scumbag’s. Seems an ancestor of his had an Indian stepmother, while my French-Canadian Father and Grandfather had a reddish complection and none of us has much tolerance for hard liquor.

The disgusting slimebag Churchill can use his free speech to say horrible things about America and it’s citizens and it’s citizens can use their free speech and free will to tell Colorado what they think of him.

Go to Montana resorts instead of Vail. It’s cheaper and the skiing is better anyway. What ever you can do in Colorado, can be done better somewhere else? Colorado wears a lot of shirts, but none of them look good on it.


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