Thursday, December 11, 2003

Abortion and the Death Penalty.

Ways to kill two very different human beings. One human is an innocent child and the other is a consenting adult murderer. One human has never killed anyone, the other has killed at least one other human. The liberals think the one type of killing is a women's right and the other is government sponsored murder. The conservatives think that one type is the murder of innocence and the other is the duty of the state to protect its citizens.

I have only recently come to oppose Abortion law in it current form. I do not want women to seek back alley abortions nor do I want it to be too easy and too clinical. More hoops need to be created to discourage abortion and more incentives need to be offered for finishing the pregnancy and giving the baby up for adoption.

Capital punishment has in the past been handled badly by the government. DNA tests and other new advancements in criminology can be used to prevent most of the errors that have occurred in the past. The criminal should be caught red handed(sic) and/or a confession made. If only witnesses and/or circumstantial evidence is available, then the death penalty should not be an option. With the proper guidelines, Capital Punishment can be used by the government as a justifiable punishment for cold blooded murder.

It does not take a genius to figure out which side of this issue I choose to be on. Justifying to God on my Judgement Day, my position on killing murderers is definitely easier than trying to justify the killing of unborn babies. Liberal Christians that have deluded themselves into believing that they reside on the moral high ground on today's major social issues are in for a shock on their judgement day.

I recently read that some believe that the murder rate would increase, because the criminal would desire to remove witnesses to their crime. That is assuming that Capital Punishment is used to punish other crimes besides murder. I am not advocating that.

It does however bring to mind that other dire prediction. The gun related deaths would sky rocket, once private citizens in Minnesota were given licenses to carry guns. Well, it has been almost 1 year and I have yet to hear of anyone shooting up a store or killing someone by accident out in public. No huge increase in the gun deaths of children either. I guess the liberal mind is NOT as infallible as they think they are.


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