Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Have we had enough of Clinton yet?

Just when you think he has slithered back under the rock, here he comes again. For some reason he has a way with the women, but I just see a sneaky redneck from Arkansas and I have always thought he was an immoral son of a bitch. They say son's marry a women that is like their mother and he sure has succeeded.

You know he has reappeared so he can overshadow sKerry's campaign and help Bush get re-elected. Thanks, but no thanks for the help, scumbag! He wants Bush to be re-elected, because he does not want a Democrat incumbent running for re-election in 2008. Not that there is much of a chance of that. You see, I think he made a promise to his old bag, I mean Hillary, to help her in any way to become President. Must be his way for apologizing for Monica and the rest of the women.

There are actually living human beings that want to vote for the Iron Bitch, I swear these people are human. Though to be truthful, she ran things during Slick Willy's terms and as long as she rides on a Republican's economic coat tails she couldn't screw up the economy this time either. Though four years of that forced smile, bad pant suits and that ass that is as big as a house would be too much. Well enough of the nightmares.

This pair of losers have got half of this country thinking that their screwed up marital relationship is normal. Hell, The Gays didn't want to get married until Bush was in the White House. Until they saw the Bush marriage it just didn't seem worth it. Marriage no longer seems to be the Hell the Clinton's made it out to be.

Even the liberal rag the NY Times thinks Clinton's book, "My Lie", errrrrr "My Life", is a narcissistic fairy tale. Anybody that still likes Clinton after his 8 sordid years in the White House and reading his tales needs to see a doctor. The 8 years were enough for most people, but after the book too, Lithium or Prozac anyone.

The thought of Hillary as President, almost makes me want to vote for Kerry. Do you think Billy Boy is really a loyal Democrat and that reverse psychology is part of the plan.

Well I have to go wash my hands and face, oh shit, I'll just go take a shower to get off the slime and smell just from writing about those two vipers.


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