Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Abortion is a right? It is a moral issue?

Now let me get this straight. The government has a right to take away a naughty child, if the parent spanks it. A woman can be charged with murder if she kills her child after it is born. But, it is a woman's right to kill that same child before it is born? Who thinks up this crap?
It is also the right of that woman to keep her knees together or use contraceptives. Why should a fetus pay the ultimate price for a woman's indiscretions? Baby murder should end now. The stigma of being an unwed mother disappeared long ago and along with it, the major incentive for a backroom abortion. 
Nine months is not a long time for a woman to spend carrying a child full term.  Many Americans receive similar amounts of jail time for their illegal indiscretion.  There is no reason to allow the murder of fetuses in order to relieve the woman from the inconvenience of a pregnancy.  There are millions of couples that would love to adopt the newborns.
My Aunt Jane must be addled.  She tried to assert that the right of a woman to have an abortion is a moral issue, not a political one.  To me, a political issue is a moral issue too.  And vice versa.  Any Politician that make a political decision without considering the moral implications, have already made a mistake.  Why do liberals think there is a difference or separation here?  Maybe it's because most of the liberals I know don't seem to have many morals, but they are rabid about their socialistic politics.  Being dispassionate about morals and passionate about their politics may cause this separation.  This is something most conservatives do not suffer from.
Aunt Jane and her daughters all appear to be good church going Catholics and card carrying Democrats.  They all seem to be pro-abortion and don't seem to be conflicted about it.  To me this is strange.  You either believe in the teachings of a church or you don't.   You support and defend all of the teachings, not just those you like.  Political parties are different though, they are not a belief.  You can like 60% of a parties platform and still speak out against the rest.  Aunt Jane has these two flip-flopped, she defends the Democrat's position and attacks the Catholic position.  She may want to consider some other faith, one she can support and not attack to defend her politics.
State sanctioned murder of unborn babies by their mothers should be illegal, it is a moral issue and a political one.   Nine months is not too much to ask of a woman to prevent the murder of a child.


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