Monday, July 12, 2004

The Extreme Left's power grab!

Liberal extremism has taken this opportunity to make a grab for the White House on the "Hate Bush" ticket. sKerry and Edwards are socialist/communist wolves dressed up in "We feel your pain"(sic) clothes. These two assholes want to model the future America on the failed Euro-socialism experiment of France and the moral bankruptcy of Europe proper.

Rabid liberals have dressed up socialism/communism and sold it to the gullible bleeding hearts of America. Their knee jerk and sound bite intellect has been sold a bill of goods, which if successful, will be one step closer to the ruin of America as we know it.

John "Hanoi" Kerry has repeatedly called America the richest country in the World. How long does he think we will remain that way after he installs his socialist/communist policies? If Socialism worked, why isn't France the richest country in the World? If Communism worked, why isn't China the richest country in the World?


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