Monday, July 19, 2004

The Bloody Democratic Party!

The wars, conflicts and tradgedies of the last fifty years started by Democratic Presidents or caused by their inept and ineffective leadership.
Korea                        54,246
Vietnam                   56,244
Somalia                           17
Kosovo                               ?
African Embassies          12
USS Cole                          17
9/11/01                       3,047 
                                 113,583 dead Americans

For comparison we will list the Republican Presidential wars and conflicts,
Beirut                       241
Panama                     23
Grenada                    19
Gulf War                 148
Afganistan             153+
Iraq War                803+ 
                                1387+ dead Americans
Does someone want to explain to me why the peace protestors always vote for the liberal warmongers of the Democratic Party?


At 9:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Steve - thanks for your blog. Those are very interesting statistics. I've never seen it quite laid out like that. I have a lot of fear that anti-war protestors are going to ruin the Republican Convention in August and hurt people, tie up the city and in doing so - give terrorists a prime target to hit.

I can't understand their point of view. I truly can't. I think 90% of America doesn't understand them either. Two things that caught my eye today - that Democrat on the conference call with Terry McAullife today calling Bush a 'liar' and saying the Iraq/Niger thing is 'all lies' and Sandy Berger being investigated for stealing secret documents from the national archives. The same Sandy Berger who is helping John Kerry as a foreign advisor.

Any way. I enjoy your blog - yet I have no answers for anti-war protestors. They are the scum beneath my shoes.

Kathleen-New Jersey
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