Wednesday, June 30, 2004

My old boss is a liberal?

My old boss calls herself a liberal. She is an avid bicyclist and an advocate for bike trails. It did not matter how much work time she spent on this interest of hers. It also did not matter how much anything cost. As long as it was for bikes, she was for it. She would spend hours on the phone advocating for another little used 5 million dollar pedestrian/bicycle bridge and then chew out one of my co-workers for $3.00 of personal calls on the company cell phone. How did she justify these two related concepts of waste with two radically different stances? It must be a liberal thing.

Who does she think pays for this 5 million dollar pedestrian/bicycle bridge that serves 10-15 people a day? I am being generous here, total traffic per day is most likely much less. We have these bridges all over the Twin Cities and I rarely see anybody on them. Lets do some math here.
5 million divided by 20 people per day times 365 days times 40 years(Life span of these bridges)= $17.00 per person. Boy, that was a good buy. Oh, the bridge I am talking about here is in between two regular bridges, one of them 2 blocks away. To the Boss, the bridge is important enough to waste the money, but not the $3.00 the co-worker used in phone calls home to check up on a sick kid.

Now someone is going to try to make some comparison between this bridge and an Air Force plane. This bridge is not going to defend or promote freedom. It is not going save a pilot’s life with it’s expensive doohickeys. The bridge is going to sit there as an ugly eyesore waiting for it’s infrequent user and will use up additional road repair money when it needs repair.

The old boss is in many ways conservative in her views, but to further her special interest agenda she is willing to ignore the parts of the Democratic Party Platform she does not like. She knows that if she was to bring this pedestrian/bicycle bridge to a conservative politician, the laughter would be audible.

How many other people vote for the Democrats so they can build their 5 million dollar pedestrian/bicycle bridges?

PS. I forgot to mention that I live in Minnesota, a wonderfidylliclic place that is frozen three months of the year. Very few people will be using that bridge during that time.


At 4:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know me. Off topic,off base, and possibly off my rocker!
My comment is more of a call for starting a thread on why we (humans) act and react the way we do.
First question-If 'God' created everything,why did he create 'evil'.(What is the root of all evil?)
It cannot possibly be money.That came much later.
I believe ,think and propose to you that it was pain.
Example: We would not curse a tooth until it became painful.

At 5:50 AM, Blogger Steve H - USA said...


I will try it. Sounds like a worthwhile exercise. Also if anybody writes something, E-mail it to me, if I like it and maybe if I don't I may post it, with the appropriate credits.


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