Tuesday, June 29, 2004

The Party of Hate and War.(Cont)

I was going to lunch the other day and this sweet innocent looking young girl, said to me, “Do you want to help us beat Bush.” A couple of days before that I was at home on the phone with my mother and door bell rang and rang and rang. Who ever was at the door had held the button down for over ten seconds. When I got to the door I chewed out, the earthen color clad young men for being ignorant lunkheads, well it was something like that. All this self-centered young turd could say was it was his RIGHT to come to my door and it was his JOB. He also spouted the beat Bush message. All three of these people were representing Pro-Kerry organizations, none of which was identified by the literature or representatives.

Few young people can grasp the significance of the Battle for Iraq in the WOT and they are easily swayed by sound bites. The socialistic sound bites sound very good to the ignorant who do not investigate or recognize the awful cost to the American society and economy these programs would have. Kerry’s latest proposal was for socialized medicine. Any socialized medicine program would inferior to the medical care I pay for and get today. My taxes would have to increase to cover my family’s healthcare and someone else’s too. Kerry’s Healthcare would be inferior, but cost me more.

These young people being hired and sent out with out any training to spew the Democratic propaganda is appropriate. They will hopefully disenchant more people than they sway their way. Their rude and belligerent behavior show me why I will never vote for a Democrat in this decade. The message they are given to say by the Party that claims to represent all Americans is one of hate and division instead of one of hope and unity. It is “Beat Bush”, not “Elect Kerry.” Is Kerry so unelectable that they have to attack the other candidate in order to elect him? Must be since that is the only message I have heard, besides his anti-American and anti-capitalist Socialist agenda.

Oh, and when are we going to hear what Kerry would do differently? Not just that he would have done things differently. But what the HELL would he do? This sort of double talk and innuendo is typical of liberals, ala Michael “Goebbels” Moore. Though Moore doesn’t even try to hide his lies.

The Political Party of Hate and Lies seems to be willing to do anything to their degenerate candidate elected, including getting American soldiers killed by an emboldened enemy in the Middle East. This Party is populated by sound bite voters, moronic idiots and self-serving fringe cause proponents. It is truly a shame that it no longer looks like the Party of FDR and JFK.


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