Tuesday, July 27, 2004

DEMONocrat spin.

The Party of Fools and Liars is having it's cabal this week.  Here is what some of it's past failures had to say.

The not former enough President Jimmy Carter, the lamest piece of crap President of the 20th century, had the gall to claim this, "Let us not forget that the Soviets lost the Cold War because the American people combined the exercise of power with adherence to basic principles, based on sustained bipartisan support."  What bi-partisan support?  The Useful Idiots did everything the could to undermine President Reagan's efforts to end the Cold War.  I can still here them screaming about the cost and about he was provoking the Russians.  Republicans won the Cold War inspite of the Democrats, not with their help.

Then the idiot who singlehandedly decimated the Intelligence and Military by cutting their budgets by 30% during his eight years in office, former President Clinton said, "a modernized defense force, strong efforts against terror, and an America respected as a world leader for peace, security, and prosperity."  I thought he was joking, but he has deluded himself into thinking it is really the truth.  I wonder what color the sky is, on the planet he has been living on lately.  His mismanagement is a major reason we were attacked so successfully on 9/11 and are currently suffering with such low personnel levels in the military.  His idiotic decisions in the way terrorism was to be handled by the various agencies, prevented their communicating between each other.

Soon we will be treated by the convention of Liberal Conservatives.  Sounds like an oxymoron, but it is just the Republican Party.


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