Tuesday, June 29, 2004

The Party of Hate and War.

I recently had a cause which I wanted my representative to hear about, so I went to their government funded web sites to E-Mail them a message with my concern, which was in this case the need to issue body armor to all personnel deployed to a hostile overseas post. While visiting these sites I notice several things. The Republican sites promoted their own causes and goals and the Democratic sites did the same and added vehement attacks on the Republicans and their agenda. It was obvious to me that the Republicans were attempting to represent all of their constituents, while the Democrats were only trying to represent the Democrats. I had to add a line to my e-mail to the dis-honorable Congresswoman Betty McCullam that she may campaign as a Democrat, but after the election she represents all of her constituents. BTW I have heard from all of my Republican representatives, but not one of my Democrat ones. I wonder why?

You would think with the lies and hate spew by the anti-war crowd that every war America has participated in was because the Republicans wanted to make more money and that they were the warmongers. The truth is that EVERY conflict America entered lasting more than two weeks of the 20th century, except the first Persian Gulf War, was declared by a Democratic President. Chasing Pancho Villa and WWI were Wilson, WWII was FDR, Korea was Truman and Vietnam was Kennedy. Democrats like to believe that the first four were “Good” wars and unavoidable. And Vietnam they want to blame on Eisenhower. The only thing Eisenhower did was tell Kennedy that if he wanted to save Vietnam he might have to send troops, but the Democrats have rewritten their version of history to remove all blame from the King of Camelot.

Now I don’t see Vietnam as any more or less “Good” or unavoidable as Korea, but for some reason it became vogue and acceptable to be a traitor and fifth columnist during Vietnam. The protests that John “Hanoi” Kerry and his cronies did during Vietnam would have landed them in prison or worse during any of the previous wars. Actually I think they would have been beaten to a pulp by the counter protestors, true loyal patriotic Americans.

The Vietnam protestors crossed the line when they attacked the American Government and supported and endorsed the enemy. It is possible do be anti-war and still avoid doing those things, you just have to consider your actions and words more. That is something the rabid anti-war protestors of Vietnam and every war since have not needed to do, since society no longer requires them too.

Why do I think they are traitors? Because the Vietnam’s Tet offensive and the Middle East’s beheadings would never have occurred if the John “Hanoi” Kerry type protestors did not exist in America. These attacks and others are directed specifically at America’s heart and will. The home grown traitor’s protests have laid the ground work to make the enemies attacks effective in striking at our will. These protests embolden the enemy to continue their brutality. These protests now attack and weaken the will and unity of your average American. These protests are classic fifth column tactics which have been identified as traitorous.

So the Party of Hate is also the Party of War, accept when the war can be blamed on a Republican. Then the become the Anti-war Party, who’s protests mirror fifth column tactics and provide aid and comfort to the enemy.


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