Thursday, June 24, 2004


The events in Abu Graib and the hoopla surrounding them have been blown way out proportion. The motives for that are pretty obvious as the media reports only the bad and disturbing, in order to undermine the Bush administration and the new Iraqi government. The abuse in Abu Graib was trivial. The sexual connotations were disgusting and depraved, but as far as the reports go no one was hurt or killed.

Let's go over some the types of abuse;

Threats; these take place in EVERY incident involving the police worldwide. The police are continually threatening additional charges or an escalation of them to get additional cooperation. They do it to everyone, including underage kids. Common place procedures, not torture.

Depravation; sight, hearing, sleep and mobility depravation is used by police interrogators worldwide too. No Torture yet.

Sexual Posing; this is not something typically done in the USA, but it is not unheard of elsewhere. Most would find the sexual nature of some of this disgusting, but it is still not torture.

Beatings; no indication that any of this took place. This is actually used in many places to achieve information. I have no figures, but it is not a stretch to estimate that at least half of the population of the world can expect beatings if picked up by the police in their country. This is what most would call "light" torture.

Torture; electric shock, non-fatal hanging, body part removal, acid drips, etc. This is true torture. Not a hint of this type of thing taking place in Abu Graib since the overthrow of Saddam. This is common through out the world and especially in the Middle East. During Saddam's time this is all that took place in Abu Graib, where were the protestors and terrorists then?

Murder; the end result of too much torture. NONE of this was done when Americans were in control of Abu Graib. Again very common through out the Middle East, but then it is OK because it is Muslims killing Muslims. Seems the radical Muslims are just as big of hypocrites as the Democrats and the media in this country.

The word torture is in this case is as misused as "insurgent" or "resistance" are when used to describe the terrorists and thugs attacking the innocent in Iraq.

The terrorists that have been sawing heads off their victims have all been claiming that it is response to the torture and humiliation of Muslims in Abu Graib. So I blame EVERY beheading on the self serving and egotistical journalists. Their decision to make more of Abu Graib abuse than it deserved has inspired the terrorists to new heights of depravity. God save us from fools who think they know what is best for us.


At 6:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I place part of the blame on our own politicians who are also blowing the Abu Ghraib situation out of proportion, while at the same time remaining mute on the horrible actions of the terrorists. They have said not one word about the beheadings of American citizens. They WANT us to fail in Iraq, just to score political points. All they care about is getting Hanoi John elected so that they can raid the Treasury and buy more votes with their entitlement programs.


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