Monday, August 02, 2004

Confirmation! Liberals are assholes.

I, until recently, played cards with a group of co-workers during our breaks.

With the Hatred and Liars Party Convention in the news, my card partner gave us his opinion of Foxnews and said it should be banned. I said the libs have every other news outlet biased towards liberals, what is wrong with a conservative biased news station? He looked at me with this evil look in his eye and called Foxnews, "Pornography" several times. By attacking Foxnews as Pornographic, he was attacking my conservative veiws and values, since he was defending CNN and MSNBC as nuetral.

Now as the lone conservative at the table, any attempt to defend myself would have offended the other two, so I bit my tongue. I did notice that not one of the other two told him he was out of line. Liberals giving liberals free passes is the norm.

Since my continued playing might end up with blows being exchanged, I decided that it was no longer worth it and told the leader of the group that I was no longer going to play. Now granted there is an order of seniority within the group owing to the length of time you have been playing and the rabid liberal has many years as a I may have months. But you would think that peer pressure would be applied to the RL, to at least make some apologetic overtures, but again there are all of those free passes liberals give each other.

Let us just say they have proven every bad thing I have to say about them. Liberals are stupid and blind assholes.


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