Monday, August 02, 2004

Kerry's 3 Purple Hearts, I said 3 for anyone that has not heard that yet!

Kerry did go to Vietnam and he did get shot at by the enemy, then he came home and became the enemy, but that is a different story.

The fact the Kerry served in Vietnam is not in question, but why he served is. Before volunteering he was already leaning anti-war because of the death in Vietnam of a close friend of his. So why did he go? Did he already know the 3 Purple Heart deferment for officers? I think he did. Was he already padding his resume for a future in politics? Judging from the amount of films and pictures showcasing him in Vietnam, it seems likely. As one veteran said, he had 100s of pictures of Nam and he was only in 2 or 3 of them. Kerry seems to have had a personal photographer along during his tour he has so many pictures of himself. Kerry keeps claiming that he served his country in Vietnam, I think he was serving himself and his ambitions.

I spent more time in the Hospital getting my tonsil out, than Kerry spent recovering from his wounds. As a result of the three wounds Kerry received the Purple Heart for, he spent zero days in the hospital, but did get a 2-day rack pass for one of them. He missed no time on duty for the other two wounds. Only Kerry knows for sure, but it sounds like less than ten stitches for the three wounds all together. Oh, and guess who put himself in for all three Purple Hearts, that’s right John Kerry.

Now being an Officer, he was allowed to put in a transfer once he had the required three Purple Hearts. That transfer meant that he would only have to spend 5 months in Vietnam. The enlisted "Commonman" Kerry claims to represent was not eligible for the deferment transfer, so he was still over there getting shot at long after Kerry was safely back in the States.

Anyone that votes for John "Hanoi" Kerry on the Commonman theme is a fool and and idiot. Kerry has never understood and will never understand the problems and life of a common American, only fools and idiot believe he does.


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