Monday, August 02, 2004

The Diversity Party?

With all of the blow hard claims of the left in this regard, you would think that the lefties would be the first to nominate and elect a woman and/or a person of color to the White House.

I am willing to lay down money, that the first woman and the first racial minority person to become a US President will be Republicans. They may even be the same person. The left will never present a credible minority candidate to the electorate. Hell, they can't even find a credible white man to run. The only reason Gore or Kerry even had/have a chance is because of the selfishness, stupidity and ignorance of their supporters. Any swing voter would run away from a lefty minority candidate and the Republicans are too smart to switch just to favor a sex or race. However the stupid lefties would jump on the Republican band wagon to elect a woman or another minority. This is not to say voting for a minority is stupid, but that casting a vote for a candidate just because they are a minority is!

The Republicans have many viable candidates like Mrs. Dole, Ms. Rice, Mr. Powell and others. Who do the Demons have Mrs. Pelosi or Mr. Sharpton? Yea right!

I will bet ten bucks to the first five strangers that send me their names and addresses. I say the Reps and you say the Dems will elect the first woman or racial minority.


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