Tuesday, August 10, 2004

The Outrage over the Swiftboat Vets Commercial.

I sat there listening to the "unbiased media", using Democrat and McCain comments to attack the SwiftVets and their statements.

1) They were not on the same boat!
2) They are renouncing their statement!
3) They are lying!

1) The SwiftVets were on other boats that had to rely on Kerry's boat. They were unhappy about his reliability, his Glory hunting and his lies upon his return to America.
2) One Vet has toned down his statement. The remaining 11 have not changed their story.
3) Were any of these leftist attackers there?

Why is it OK for Kerry to lie in the 70's? But it is not OK for these SwiftVets to speak out against those lies now? Kerry has said that he regrets his words, but I have never heard of him apologizing. Not that it would make any difference. I have seen stories written by VA doctors and therapists detailing to trauma that Kerry's words have inflicted on thousands of Vietnam Vets. Do a web search; they are not hard to find.

For those of you that just can't see the left biased media for what it is, just look at the attacks on the SwiftVets and the reaction to F 9/11. SwiftVets are speaking the truth as they see it and call it their opinion. Moore cut and paste the truth into lies and called it "facts". The media has attacked the SwiftVets with a vengeance and lauded Moore's lies with free publicity and constant positive media coverage.

For those of you that still think free speech is for everyone, open your eyes. Moore threatened to sue anyone that prevented his film from being shown. The Democrats are threatening to sue anyone that shows the SwiftVet commercial. Again the media reported these things to us, but defended Moore's and the Democrat's right to sue. The media see no conflict in this and neither does anyone else. So free speech is for liberals only.

Why is John Kerry a war hero for his service in Vietnam, while every other Vietnam Vet is a rapist and baby killer?

Why did America give John Kerry medals for his service in Vietnam and Vietnam gave him medals for his service in America? Because John Kerry glory hunted in Vietnam to further his political career and then came home lied and actively sought to undermined the will of America to again, further his political career. How much of this Kerry career building can this country take?

John "Hanoi" Kerry is a traitor.

Democrats want to ignore the damage that John Kerry has done to this country, it's veterans and it's defense.

I NEVER WILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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