Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Hurray for Mayor Kelly.

The City of Saint Paul's Mayor is a Democrat that has endorsed and will campaign for Bush. As the second largest city in Minnesota, this is huge. This state has not gone to a Republican presidential candidate in years. Mr. Kelly has just opened the door to all of those historically Democratic voters who also see John "Hanoi" Kerry as an empty shell, but were going to vote for him anyway.

There are Minnesota voters that vote Democratic just because they always have. They don't watch the news, discuss the issues or judge the candidates. They just show up at the polls and vote Democrat all the way down. Mr. Kelly's brave announcement slaps these people upside the head and makes them examine the situation to see if they can see what he sees. It opens the door for them to follow Kelly in voting for the candidate that really does hold the same values that they do. The radical liberals of today's Democratic Party have guided it away from the centrist's path a long time ago. Minnesota's conservative Democrats just have not figured it out yet.

I have predicted that this state will finally vote the way it lives, conservatively. Mayor Kelly's dissent against the leftist direction of the Democratic Party is a giant leap to make that happen.


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