Wednesday, September 22, 2004

America's real allies and real enemies

The traitor and his minions keep complaining that we are ignoring our allies. What allies? France the country that has already surrendered to the Islamo-Fascists and has promised the Arab League to that they will work to undermine America's Foreign Policy with regards to Israel. Sounds like the enemy to me? Germany, the country that has ceded it's own foreign policy to France. The UN? The Anti-American organization controlled and corrupted by the huge number of thugs and dictators running all of the little piss ant little countries in the Third World, all of which seem to have chosen France as their leader. They have all found France to be a pliant and willing partner in their continued oppression of their countries.

Here is an excerpt of an article of the NRO

Despite the high-profile departures of Spain and the Philippines, American GIs in Iraq serve with uniformed personnel from Albania, Armenia (as of this month), Australia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, El Salvador, Estonia, Georgia, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Mongolia, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, South Korea, Thailand, Tonga, and Ukraine. These 26,487 troops represent 17.3 percent of forces in Iraq, compared to the 126,500 U.S. soldiers who, it is fair to say, fill 82.7 percent of positions there.

While Americans have suffered 89 percent of the war's deaths, 11 percent of those killed were international soldiers. "Faced with a barrage of misleading rhetoric, the American public could be forgiven for thinking that the trans-Atlantic alliance no longer exists," writes Gardiner in his September 7 nereport,
The Myth of U.S. Isolation: Why America Is Not Alone in the War on Terror. "The Coalition includes 21 nations from Europe, and nine from Asia and Australia. Twelve of the 25 members of the European Union are represented, as are 16 of the 26 NATO member states."

Kerry's attacks on the Coalition are unfounded and unconscionable, yet they will be defended by the liberals. Kerry and his minions are the scum of the earth, lying and attacking our real allies in their desperate and failed attempt to wrest the White House from the hands of real Patriotic Americans. The Democrats are beyond contempt.

The Democrats failed Foreign Policy gave America a 9/11 at a cost of about 1 terrorist killed for every 150 Americans killed. The Republicans gave us an estimated 10 terrorists killed for every Coalition soldier killed in a War on Terror. I will take the Republicans ratio any day.

The Democrats claim the war in Iraq is a costly failure, 1000+ American lives and billions spent. I say the failed Clinton and Democrat's policies brought us 3,076 American lives and billions spent. The real hope Bush has given us is that America is doing something that MIGHT change the world into one that is more peaceful and safe than the one the Democrats had settled for. I will take a chance to effect some real change than just sitting back and taking the abuse given as the Democrats and the French have chosen.

The French are knowingly allies of the Islamo-fascists and the Democrats are following their lead. Whether they know it or not the Democrats are allies of the terrorists too.


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