Thursday, August 19, 2004

Bush came and conquered.

If last night is any indication, Bush is going to win this state. Us Bushies will save America and the DEMons from themselves. The speeches and the free use of the word "God" were just wonderful.

As an employee of the City of Saint Paul, I have always disliked the Carpetbagger Coleman. Sure he changed to Republican, but I still could not vote for a New Yorker. New York Mayors and Senators are OK in New York, not in Minnesota. Besides he did things as Mayor that hurt the employees and many believe the City. They sure the hell cheered for him at the rally. It appears that he might be a better Senator than a Mayor. Two years in the Senate and he(+1) has already authored more bills than Kerry(0) has in his 20 years, so he must be a better Senator than John Kerry.

Mayor Kelly was very careful to not alienate himself from the DEMons. He said something like, this is not a DEMon issue and not a Patriot, eerrr I mean Republican issue it is an issue for choosing the right man for the next four years. I can't agree more. America can not afford to have a President that is going to ask the UN and France whether America can defend itself. To the idiot liberals, the UN's and France's approvals are required before America can do anything. I don't think so!

President Bush was great. He didn't let his brilliant mind race ahead of his mouth, so he stayed out of trouble. For all of you dumb fools that think Bush is dumb, you major in business at Harvard. Very few degrees are harder to get in America, there is also the special bonus that he is NOT a lawyer. He spoke for about 45 minutes and finally disclosed his long term goal for the Middle East. Encouraging democracy through example, diplomacy and as a last resort military action. He made a very good point that democracies do not export terrorism. Though it seems all of the media was in the bathroom, because I looked and looked for any mention of these comments on the TV and in the paper, but there was not a word.

Oh and the women, classy sophisticated women. Not a dusty brown or olive drab t-shirt in the whole crowd. I didn't do any inspections, but I am sure they had shaved their armpits and used deodorant too. I have attempted to discerned the average DEMonic woman by observing the greasy haired DEMonic shills accosting people on the streets of Saint Paul with telling words, "Do you want to help us beat Bush?". Such a lack of class, such a lack of intellect, do they even know who Kerry is? There were female DEMons that crashed the rally to spread their filthy lies and hate. They must have cleaned up a bit to avoid notice. I am surprised that they didn't vomit when us Republicans said the Pledge of allegiance or sang God Bless America. Isn't God to a DEMon like a silver cross to a vampire. Oh well, at least Bush's visit got a couple of the DEMons to take baths.

The media coverage was truly ridicules and biased. Under-estimating the size of the rally crowd, they said 15,000, I think about 20,000. And giving more coverage to the pathetic DEMons, they say 200, I say about 100, outside protesting. One DEMon even complained that it was not open to the public, a lie.

Warning! The following quote is so dangerously pathetic and stupid it is harmful to your own intelligence while you try to figure how anybody can be so stupid as to utter it. Here it is, Bob Miller, St. Paul, " For them to discredit him by smearing his military record is, in effect, smearing the records of all military veterans who served in Vietnam or any other war." First of all BOB, you are entitled to your stupid illogical opinions, after all you support Kerry, which says enough about your intelligence. Second, Kerry's military record is being used by him to blatantly self-promote himself for public office, as such is open to intense and critical scrutiny. His campaign also attacked Bush's record, another Vietnam War era veteran, BOB you seem to be OK with those attacks. Thirdly BOB you support a lying sack of shit, you CANNOT read anything Kerry has said or written without tripping over at least one lie on every page. The only way Kerry can keep from lying is to never open his mouth. Fourthly BOB, for every front line soldier or airman there ever was there were 10 soldiers or airmen supporting him, so were the one or one of the ten. Not that it makes much difference, but to preempt the blathering idiots, like so many heralded war veterans before him Bush was one of the ten. Fifthly BOB, as a Cold War Vet, I resent your feeling that us veteran's want your silly ass to speak for any of us. If there weren't 50 Robert Millers in the phone book, I would call you up and tell you so.

The local rag did reveal one bright light for us conservatives. Gore only won Minnesota by 60,000 votes in 2000. That's only 2%. Also J"H"K is 45% and Bush is 46% in the latest polls.


At 6:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks. I wish I lived there to have seen the president in person. Will never happen here in New Jersey. Make yourself feel better about the way MOST (ok maybe half) the veteran's feel about Kerry. Go to >Swift Boat Veteran's for Truth See their new ad. It is simply DEVASTATING. Can't wait to hear what McCain has to say in defense of Kerry on this one.


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