Wednesday, August 18, 2004

The President is coming!!!!!

The President is coming to Saint Paul. I have tickets and I am going. I got four tickets, one for each of my kids and I. Becky is in boot camp in South Carolina and James has to work at his brand new job, so two are going to waste. They are non-transferable tickets, so I am going to keep James' for a souvenir and I will send Becky's to her. Little stuff like that gives them contact with the real world. I got my camera and binoculars ready to go. The best news is that my fiance's daughter, who voted for Gore in 2000, wants to go too. She has awakened to the deceit and lies of the DEMons and has repented her wayward ways. Katie has been saved!

The self-described "enlightened" have been riding me all day, but you know what? I don't care. I am voting for a true American Patriot. Not a fake one, that is a traitor to boot. Phil is a liberal for reasons beyond my comprehension, but he tried to take a dig about the tickets being free and not costing a $1,000. It seems that he is under the impression that the DEMons do not have $1000 a plate fundraisers. Where else does he think they get their money to spread their lies?

Seems the DEMons are also applying a full court press to upstage the President. They flew in a former Senator from Georgia(Wooohooo) and have enlisted the Mayor of the neighboring Homosexual Haven formerly known as Minneapolis. Oh my God, the big guns. I hope for their sake, the DEMons have a bigger surprise up their sleeve and it is not National Security Documents related to 9/11.

Bush is making great strides in Minnesota and in Wisconsin. As EVERYONE knows, Minnesota is the only state that went to Mondale in Reagan's historic landslide. In this state we used to have the Humphreyites, now we have the Wellstonians. Don't the DEMons know these two are dead and hopefully resting in peace. It is time to slay the myth of the DEMons caring about the poor, the unions and (sic) the commonman. To Kerry the Commonman is the guy who waits in line while Kerry's entourage butts in front of him. Or he is the guy that cuts his lawn, cooks his meals or drives his limo. The Commonman is anybody dumb enough to fall for his self-promotion and lies and actually votes for him. How can a rich guy that was born with a silver spoon in his ass, ever know how it feels to be or empathize with the commonman?

I am hoping to hear the City of Saint Paul Mayor Kelly as a sort of warm up band, with Bush being the main event. My boss the Honorable Mayor Randy Kelly has been vilified and attacked by the DEMons and the media(same thing) relentlessly, since he decided to endorse the only good horse in the stable. A local liberal rag with a small circulation and a, in my mind, poor journalistic reputation, took a humourless and tasteless stab at Kelly and Bush. It seems that it is OK to draw a cartoon of Kelly kissing Bush's ass, but it is not OK to question Kerry's Vietnam or voting record. Or at least, one is OK to print and one is not. Seems DEMons and the media are OK with you being a traitor to the country, but not a traitor to their Party. Go figure.


At 7:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So I'm officially jealous. Wish he would come to New Jersey - but he's probably afraid of being hit on by our governor. Oh well. Wish him the best from those of us who are not in an important state.
Kathleen A.


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