Monday, August 23, 2004

Our lying Democrat heroes!

Seems there are many Democrats that claim false combat experience. Kerry, Tom Harkin, Al "The Whore" Gore and LBJ have all made false claims. All of this is detailed in this Ann Coulter's column,

Of course there are many that will say she is a Republican attack dog, but you know everyone seems to be an attack dog these days. Many many people hate what Ann says, but I have not heard anyone say she lies.

Seems lying about combat experience is one of the Democrat's favorite pastimes. I picture a poker game held in a mahogany office filled with cigar smoke. John says to Tom, "How was it, that you were able to lie to the press and get away with it?". Tom says, "Well, you know Kerry, that was almost 40 years ago and they didn't have computers, and well, the press is either on our side or too lazy to do any real investigating." Tom continues, "Especially if it means reading through mounds of paper, like they used to. I just wish I had been savvy enough to have brought along still and movie cameras like you and Al did." John says, "I got the idea after spending time with President Kennedy and hearing about LBJ's medals, isn't that one a hoot". Tom responds, "Well, you and Al, you more so than Al, sure took chances to get your Vietnam Photo-Ops". Al pipes in, "Yeah, we can always count on the media to turn our lies into to truths!". Everyone laughs heartily.

You know, John Kerry could have avoided all of the scrutiny about his war record, and even his traitorous anti-war activities, if he had run on his Senate record. Instead he chose to play up events from 40 years ago, which have seemed to have had a life of their own. Though he really couldn't use his Senate record, there is nothing there!


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