Thursday, September 02, 2004

Dhimmitude, the West's enslavement by Islam.

I have had an epiphany. I have been struck by a bolt out of the blue.

I was on my favorite blog(ITM) and someone mentioned an agreement the French had made with the Arab League back in 1974. I forgot about until a liberal friend of my Father, Jon, tried to make me back off a comment I made in an E-mail. Well, Jon was persistent and claimed we should have had additional allies and world support before going into Iraq. While writing a rebuttal, I remembered that comment about our "all important ally" on that blog. So I researched it and this is what I discovered.

I search for the name of the agreement and got this.

Well, it is in French, so I translated the first bullets using software on the internet and got this;
(1) Unconditional withdrawal of Israel on the lines of armistice of 1948.
(2) The Islamization of Jerusalem, which they had seized by the force, in 1948, and from where they had expelled all the Jews.
(3) Recognition of the Palestinian people and sound alone representing, the PLO.
(4) Of the pressures exerted by the EC on the United States, to bring them closer the Arab policy and to detach them from Israel.

These are promises the French made to the Arab League. France is to make anti-Semitism a national policy and they are to work on undermining America's support for Israel. This doesn't sound like much of ally to America to me.

I used this info in the E-mail and got silence. I also used it on a blog and someone referred me to this site. This and other comments from blog readers in Europe led me to the conclusion that Western Europe as already been dragged into Dhimmitude by France and can no longer be counted on to defend themselves and nor can they be considered trusted allies.

I am at a complete loss. I don't know how to spread this information. The liberals appear to have also fallen victim to this disease as evidenced by their vicious desire to split this nation in two over a political office during war time. Their desire to make non-critical domestic issues, central issues in a war time campaign for President. Their insistence that American policies are to blame for 9/11. That negotiations and appeasement could be used in the War on Terror.

I am convinced that the Democrats are a more dangerous enemy of America, than Bin Laden.


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