Tuesday, August 24, 2004


These guys have every right to be angry. They are as much as Kerry is, heroes. But these heroes were spit on, vilified and then forgotten. Who did this to them? America. John Kerry and his anti-war Band of Brothers were the worst, to the Vets, because they felt betrayed by Kerry and the rest of the VVAW.

There has been enough mud slinging to get everyone dirty. The SV's and Kerry have both been caught in lies, which why it all should end. War is not a boardroom where everything is recorded exactly how it happened. It is confusing and messy place, where two widely different acounts of events can both be right. Weapons firing can be both heard and not heard. Those boats were not exactly quite. Thirty years of embellished storytelling may have made falsehoods into truthes, without anyone having forethought or intent to defraud.

What I believe;
-John Kerry was in Vietnam glory hunting for political capital.
-John Kerry was already anti-war before he went, because of the death of his good freind, Richard Pershing. See
-John Kerry was heroic and at times foolhardy once engaged with the enemy.
-John Kerry emellished his exploits, like so many others.
-John Kerry used very minor wounds to collect the medals necessary to exit Vietnam ASAP.
-John Kerry used his Vietnam service to lend weight to his anti-war activities, which were an advancement of his political career.
-John Kerry's 1971 testimony had an immeasurably bad impact on uncountable Vietnam Veterans, who are just as much of heroes as Kerry is.

It is really time to examine his Senate Record and show the world he is not a moderate like his supporters say. He is not the man to lead our Armed Forces during this crucial point in the war on terror.


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