Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Redefining Liberals!

As with any growing thought, I am expanding my thoughts on Liberals. They now can choose to be labeled one or more of the following; a Traitor, a Child or a Fool.

There are other applicable labels, but these are necessary to understand what would allow a seemingly functional adult to vote for John "Hanoi" Kerry.

The traitor label will rankle many Liberals, but they should remember that most of them are '4th of July Patriots'. Though I really do wonder if they are celebrating America's birth or the Liberal's constant attempts to abort it.

Then there is Phil. He is my pro-Communist co-worker. His Patriotism is defined and exhibited by his Father's ship's exploits on December 7th, 1941. Every Pearl Harbor day, we are regaled with Phil's attempts to be glorified by the Patriotism exhibited by his Father. I am not aware of ANYTHING Phil himself has done for his country, but he loves to make sure we know about his father.

I work in a government office, union membership is required and I work in Blue state. EVERY Vet I work with voted for Bush, regardless of the other influences. We are not '4th of July' or 'December 7th' Patriots, we are EVERYDAY Patriots. It would seem that the only people that heard JFK's "Ask Not!" speech are Conservatives.


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