Monday, January 31, 2005

Neocon! What is it? Why do I think I am one?

My definition is a fiscal conservative, moral conservative, social moderate and a foreign policy liberal. Yes a liberal or really what used to be called liberal.

The Iraq War. Spreading freedom through the use of military force used to be a central platform issue for the Democratic Party. Wilson did it, Roosevelt did it , Truman did it and Kennedy did it! Conservatives are isolationists. Liberals are now either isolationists and/or multilateralists. Liberals have this unsatisfied need to cede American sovereignty and power to a one world government. They have tapped the UN to fill that role, even though the UN is as corrupt and inept as your typical despotic regime. A form of government which a majority of it’s member nations have. Neocons believe that American power should be used to spread freedom and democracy where and when America decides, not the UN.

Fiscal Conservative. Many Americans think the Government owes them something. Welfare people want money. College students want loans or grants. The elderly want their lifestyle to continue at pre-retirement levels even though they are no longer productive members of society. People living on the margins of mainstream society want the rest of society to give them benefits and freebies to be on par with the hard earned benefits enjoyed by the mainstream. Where is the incentive? Why bother to compete?

Healthcare. If you are willing to settle for a poverty level job, why should get the same benefits as someone who has worked harder? Why should that harder worker pay for their own health care and then pay for the slacker too? I am perfectly willing to help out the American that CANNOT do better, but don’t expect me to help the American that CHOOSES not to do better.

Social Security. I currently pay more per year to FICA than over half of the current recipients ever paid in their whole working careers. We are no longer helping indigent elderly get by, we are sending them on vacations. I was in Florida last Winter. The biggest supplier of jobs in Florida is the Healthcare industry and it was easy to tell the worker lot from the elderly patient lot. There were no old car cars in the patient lot and no new ones in the worker lot. There are is a huge number of elderly that consider their Social Security check as "Mad Money". It is unsatisfactory and ridicules that we are an accomplace in the wealth distribution from the working poor the idle rich elderly. There are a great many working families that could put that money to better use. We should put income caps on those recieving checks and adjust those checks accordingly. They should also pay income taxes on all retirement benifits public and private. We owe our elderly a lot, but not a free ride.

Homosexuality. I do not believe that it is normal, anymore than I believe any addiction is normal. It is an escape from having to live with the opposite sex, which can be at times very difficult. It is an escape into a group where everyone thinks the same and there is a comradery with those suffering from the same affliction. To everyone in a crack house, being addicted to crack is "normal" and this how the Gay community feels about themselves too. I have the right to not believe their choice is normal, but I do not have the right to make their lives anymore miserable than they have already. Civil unions are enough to protect their rights, but the label of "marriage" is attempt achieve the label of "normal", I oppose that label. Gay marriage is not a new issue, but I think they have chosen to use the distraction of war to try to slip it past us. This is nothing short of treasonous and I find it abhorrent.

The ecology. America is one of the cleanest industrialized nations in the world. We are not even close to being the worst. A majority of the damage done world wide is done by Third World nations and nobody has the will or desire to change that. The damage done to America in the 40's, 50's and 60's has largely been reversed and it is getting better everyday. I am happy with our progress, the eco-liberals never will be. They have resorted to unproven theories and blowing minor problems way out of proportion. They fret about oil spills which used to happen naturally. They worry about logging and then buy houses and furniture made of wood. They complain about our dependence to oil while driving their SUV to their kids soccer games. They complain about coal burning and nuke plants while paying the huge bill needed to power all of the modern convenience appliances. The ones that do live the walk and the talk, live on the margins of society. You know, like Kasinski or the eco-terrorists that build bombers or attack University labs.

Unions. As a Union member, I have yet to see any return for all of the money we give to the Democrats. Nada, zip, zero, nothing. During the last campaign I was receiving a Union sponsor campaign flyer from Kerry almost everyday. It only worked on the morons in my office. The fools that are typical Union workers, they do as little as possible, hide in their cubicles and never volunteer.

Racial/Sexual quotas. Diversity-differences-envy. How are we ever going to become a color blind society when race or sexuality is constantly in our face? All social, outreach and upward mobility programs should be based purely on the economics of the persons childhood and background. A rich minority person should not have advantages created by government over a poor white person. BTW the NAACP should be treated as the racist organization it is. It’s racial advocacy and militancy makes it no better than the KKK.


At 2:00 PM, Blogger Phoenician in a time of Romans said...

America is one of the cleanest industrialized nations in the world.From the IEA "CO2 Emissions from Fuel Combustion (1971-2002":

CO2 emissions/GDP (2002, PPP, kgCO2 per $US)
World average: 0.56
OECD average: 0.49
USA: 0.61
OECD Europe: 0.39
European Union: 0.37
Japan: 0.40

CO2 emissions/capita (2002, tonnesCO2/capita)
World average: 3.89
OECD average: 10.96
USA: 19.66
OECD Europe: 7.53
European Union: 8.41
Japan: 9.47

At 7:43 AM, Blogger Steve H - USA said...

The greatest producer of CO2 dwarfs the entire CO2 production by humans. Mother Earth produces an enourmous amount of CO2 through geological activity and gas burps from the oceans. The Earths yearly fluctuation variable of CO2 production encompasses the entire human CO2 production. In terms of CO2 production the Earth doesn't even know we are here.

Human CO2 production is a meaningless statistic.

At 3:26 PM, Blogger Phoenician in a time of Romans said...

In terms of CO2 production the Earth doesn't even know we are here. Human CO2 production is a meaningless statistic.

Natural carbon fluxes (GtC/year)
Atmosphere --> terrestrial vegetation 60 Net primary production
Soils & detritus --> atmosphere 60 Respiration

Total anthropogenic emissions 7.1 GtC/year (90% confidence interval 6.0-8.2)

Of this, storage in the atmosphere 3.3 GtC/year (3.1-3.5)

"* The rise of atmospheric CO2 closely parallels the emissions history from fossil fuels and land use changes [Schimel 94, p 46-47]."

"* The rise of airborne CO2 falls short of the human-made CO2 emissions. Taken together, the ocean and the terrestrial vegetation and soils must currently be a net sink of CO2 rather than a source [Melillo, p 454] [Schimel 94, p 47, 55] [Schimel 95, p 79] [Siegenthaler]."

"Indeed, atmospheric 14C, measured on tree rings, dropped by 2 to 2.5 % from about 1850 to 1954, when nuclear bomb tests started to inject 14C into the atmosphere [Butcher, p 256-257] [Schimel 95, p 82]. This 14C decline cannot be explained by a CO2 source in the terrestrial vegetation or soils."

At 6:01 AM, Blogger Steve H - USA said...

You cut and paste it, do you want to explain it? I am a Civil Engineeer, not a Chemist!


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