Thursday, January 27, 2005

America's Holocaust

35 Million human hearts stopped in 32 years. A bit over 1 million murders every year. 14,000 every year in Minnesota alone. 17.5 Million males were killed, more than in all the wars America has ever fought in the 229 years of it’s history. When are we going to end the slaughter and allow these Americans to live?

Never, if we continue to allow the Liberal Abortionists to have their way. What kind of "Right" does a women have to destroy another human life. That fetus is not a growth, tumor or cyst, it is a living being that is a separate being from it’s mother. The egg provider has no more "Right" to end the fetuses life than the sperm donor does. Until that fetus is born, the mother is nothing more than a vessel for the miracle in process.

I keep hearing about society’s duty to protect and provide for the least of us. For thirty two years we have been doing a pretty poor job of it. Oh sure we can make the rich and working pay for welfare. We can make the working, send the retired on vacations. But for some reason we cannot stop the fetuses from being murdered by their mothers. Someday we will have to answer for that. Someday, we will be judged. I know which side of this issue I want to be on.


At 8:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


American women have murdered more people than Hitler and Stalin combined.
Hitler would be so proud of you and Stalin too.

These women sacrifice their children at the altar of selfishness.
A mother murdering her child simply because that child is viewed as a burden.
Part of America is morally bankrupt.

The pro-abortion anti-war folks will be happy to learn that we are not killing Iraqis
we are simply aborting them.


At 7:37 AM, Blogger Steve H - USA said...

Thanks for showing and enlightening us with your liberal lies and bullshit, Bar. Fuckin idiot proves every word I say!

At 7:41 AM, Blogger Steve H - USA said...

Bar's comments can be read two different ways. One I agree with and the other I obviously don't. I think Bar meant the comment to mean the way I agree with and I am sorry for jumping to conclusions.

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