Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Liberals have Doom and Gloom, I have Hope!

It must be a sad dark place liberals live in. All that hate and fear just closing in. The world I live in is looking brighter everyday.

There 50 million newly freed people and a chance that freedom may spread. Palestinians, Iraqis and Afghans have all voted in free elections. This has never happened in their culture. It is a movement that may reform Islam and end Islamo-Fascist terrorism from within.

This is all better than waiting for the next terrorist attack and lamenting that nothing can be done to end Islamic terrorism. Liberals said the same thing about Communism and the Cold War. It took a President with the strength of will to end the Cold War and we have another President willing to risk political capital to do things no Democrat President has been willing to do since JFK.

I pity you liberals. I have a hope for the future that Clinton, Kerry and the rest of the Democrats never had the will to provide the World. The Democrats have become the Anti-Party. Anti-American, Anti-Military, Anti-War, Anti-Freedom, Anti-Democracy, Anti-Bush and Anti-Cooperation. The saddest thing is the once proud and patriotic Democratic Party is now run by it's opposition, George Bush. Their sole agenda is ANTI-BUSH! That is it! They no longer have anything constructive to offer America. Their hatred has made them irrelevant.

President Bush and our troops have provided the world with an opportunity to end terrorism and you liberals are so blinded with unreasonable hatred you will never see it or embrace it.

Such a pity!


At 9:02 AM, Blogger Steve H - USA said...

Anonymous said...
Anti-Bush? Check. What about you? Are you pro s***ing corporate c***? Pro fascism as long as you get to throw enemies of the state (in your estimation) in jail?

8:24 PM

Where do they get this crap? Jail? This guy is demented!


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