Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I have been published! Well sort of!

The Pioneer Press, the local paper ran a photo about a group that is sponsoring a traveling exhibit. The exhibit displays a pair of boots for every fallen soldier. The Name of the Organization implies that it supports the troops. A quick trip to it's Website is enough to see that implication or assumption is not even close to being the truth.

Here is my Op-Ed Published in the Sunday Paper, 1/30/05, of the Pioneer Press.

Once again you have allow your paper to be a propaganda tool for the anti-war and anti-Bush liberals of America.

Your Jan. 24th photo on page 3A, implies that the exhibit is to honor our fallen soldiers. The American Friends Service Committee does not support our troops and they use a deceitful name to imply it does. The committee abuses our loyal service people, their sacrifices and the group espouses a biased viewpoint a majority of the military has objected to.

Next time you want to feature the American Friends Service Committee , make sure we know it is the “Peace at All Costs” crowd. If you are going to cover this group as news, we should be given the whole story. I want to know when I am looking at the propaganda of an organization that would give away our liberty and security in the name of "peace".

There were some edits, but they were minor. I had used the word "Dhimmis" and that was replaced with their name, but most of what they did was for what they considered to be clarity. I can live with that.

With all of the talk of media bias, you would think that the Op-Ed page would try to have an equal amount of conservative and liberal.


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