Monday, October 18, 2004

"Michael Moore Hates America" by Mike Wilson

This is a movie which examines Moore's film making and Moore himself. It will come as no surprise that Moore is a manipulative and deceitful liberal. The reasons put forth for this behavior by the film's featured Psychiatrist are self-loathing and narcissism. Two opposing views of himself which drives him to do whatever he can to ease the pain of which ever side is eating at him at that moment.

The film, at times directly poignant in it's condemnation of Moore's films, does examine why and how Moore deceives not only his audience, but himself as well. The title of Wilson's film is so polarizing that he would not mention it to some interviewees until late in the interview or not at all. This is a classic Moore tactic, but Wilson had a cameraman that kept Wilson honest by continually threatening to quit unless he apologized and came clean with the interviewees. It is obvious that Moore doesn't have a strong enough person near him to keep him honest.

While Wilson did want to portray Moore's deceit, you also wanted to debunk Moore's portrayal of America a haven for the rich and cesspool for the poor. Few Americans are rich and few Americans are poor, most of us are in the middle and we are doing pretty damn well. America is not the bleak, no opportunity landscape Moore portrays, but it is still the land of opportunity for those that work hard and strive for a better life.

Wilson spends time interviewing your average Joe or Jill on the street, but quite a bit of time is spent with highlighted speakers. Penn is both profane and thoughtful and is probably the most philosophical. There is also another liberal documentary film maker, who had three Oscars in his studio. Though he liked Moore’s message, he did take Moore to task for his methods. This is one interview where Wilson hid the name of the film from the interviewee until late in the interview. The man’s response is worth the wait. I almost ruined it for you.

Wilson was there for a Q and A session afterwards. He spoke mostly about how America has become divided and shrill. I really didn’t need him to tell me that. I am guilty, though since this is the first time I have ever become this obsessed with an election, I choose to believe that it is in response to the shrillness of the left. He talked about the ease of falling into Moore’s tactics.

I came away the thoughts that Moore doesn’t trust his fans with the truth and that no one that goes to his movies is swayed. You are either excited or repulsed by his lies. I also feel that Moore is right that America is stupid..... His fans and Kerry voters prove it! Did I hear a shrill?


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