Monday, November 01, 2004

Are the liberals ever going to allow America to sucessfully defend itself?

The Democrats used to be the Party of War. They started every war of the first 75 years of the 20th Century. They were good at winning them too, until Vietnam. Vietnam was a turning point for the Democrats, the communists, isolationists and peaceniks came out of the woodwork and the Democrats embraced them as potential voters. This cadre of weenies have destroyed any semblance of strength within the Party. The Party of FDR and John Kennedy died, with the nomination of McGovern.

The Democrat mainstream have been against every war since Vietnam. Oh sure, they claim to support the Afghan war, but attack the way it was conducted.

Which bring me to the hypocrisy of the Democrats. They claim to support the troops, but cut their funding whenever they can. They claim to support the troops, but demonize them whenever possible for political gain. They claim to support the troops, but they endorse a candidate that is unquestionably a traitor and has spit on every serviceman since 1971. John "Hanoi" Kerry has repeatedly lied about supposed failures in the two theaters of war to attack the Bush Administration. Since Bush has never micro managed either theater, every Kerry attack is an attack on the troops. These are not constructive criticisms to make America stronger and safer. They are attacks for purely political gain at the expense of troop morale and the truth.

The Democrats have not earned any true American's support in tomorrow's election.


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