Monday, November 01, 2004

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

After the American victory of TET, the VC and NVA were so decimated that NVA General Gaip said they would have signed a peace treaty in 1968 except...the US media and the antiwar protestors gave them the hope necessary to continue the war.

Because of liberal weenies that do not have the gonads to win a war, America lost the war at home and had to pull out of Vietnam 4 years later.

Because we didn't get a peace treaty like the Korean one, Communism spread throughout Southeast Asia and millions of innocent civilians were slaughtered by the communists.

The liberal's(Useful Idiots) self anointed good intentions have killed more people than any conservative hawk ever has. They just don't admit it.

When a Neocon Hawk gets his way thousands died, but millions are freed and lead better lives. When liberals get their way, wars are prolonged, America loses and millions die.


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