Thursday, January 20, 2005

Liberals are children.

Think about it. Who else but children think life should be fair. Who else but children think everything that is said is a promise. Who else but children think the world should be one big nice happy place where everyone gets along. Who else but children throw tantrums in the streets of New York City and in the halls of Congress. Not only are these views and actions childish, they are dangerously naive.

Conservatives know the world is not a nice happy place. We know there are people the hate us out of envy and for no other reason than we a different. We know we have to be ready and prepared to protect ourselves and our friends. We know that doing something and failing is better than doing nothing at all. The first tells our enemies that we are resisting and the second tells them we are surrendering.

No Conservative ever grows up to become a Liberal, yet Liberals are growing up to become Conservatives everyday. Once a person is a Conservative, they can never really get back down on the floor and be children again. Growing up and living in the real world has it’s price.

Life will never be fair. Not everything you hear is a promise. The World is a mean nasty place where no one gets along. We don’t allow our children to decide which car we buy, which job we do or how much we spend at the grocery store. Why in the hell would we want the children of America to run the country?


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