Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Rathergate, You don't want to work for a Liberal!

When ever something goes wrong with the war or economy, the Left blames Bush. They dredge up the Truman quote, "The Buck Stops Here," to try to paint liberalism with a favorable color and hue. Truman may have been a Democrat in the 40's, but he would be a Republican today. Truman had to many morals to stomach being associated with John Kerry, Ted Kennedy or God forbid Michael "Goebbels" Moore.

Clinton was never held to that "Buck"standard either. Filegate, Travelgate, Whitewater, the Embassy Bombings, the USS Cole and his sex scandals were always blamed on others. Usually the victims or subordinates.

Seems all powerful liberals are above the fray. Rather and all of the higher CBS executives are somehow blameless too. These so called journalists, rushed a false story about Bush, onto TV to try to change the outcome of a Presidential election. It is one thing to be completely fooled by a false, but very convincing story. But this was not the case. The story was picked apart by Bloggers overnight. Rather and CBS rushed this story onto 60 Minutes, because they wanted it to be true. They didn’t even bother to listen to those warning caution or flat out telling them it was false. Many of those involve still want you to think that false documents tell the truth. Doesn’t say much for what they think of you. They didn’t bother to apply the same credo to this story that they claim to apply to the government, Question Everything!

What have we learned. That the media asks questions when they know they will get the answer they want to hear. The media ignores or glosses over liberal foibles and reports anything that might and/or will make a conservative look bad. The media is biased and should be ignored. If watched or read, you can never take what they say at face value. You must Question Everything!

We have also learned that if you are a subordinate of a powerful liberal, you can be made into a sacrificial lamb to save your boss. Sucks to be you!


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