Thursday, January 13, 2005

All Terrorism is inspired by Liberalism.

It is a bold statement. If it wasn’t for Liberalism, Terrorism would not exist. Like it or not, it is true.

Liberalism inspired Communism. Communism was the scourge of the twentieth century. Sure there was the burp of Fascism in the 30s and 40s, but the millions of deaths at the hands of Fascists pales when compared to the billions of deaths at the hands of Communists. WWII sticks out in America’s minds as a significant event only because we were participants. Ask the Chinese and the pain and suffering during the Japanese occupation was insignificant compared the blood spilled during Mao’s cultural revolution.

The Communists in their zeal to export their liberal ideology used Terrorism to spread it. They called themselves revolutionaries, but they were just Communist terrorists. The conflicts spawned by these terrorists killed billions of people in Africa, South America, Asia and the Middle East. These conflicts were never effectively impeded by the West, because the West’s own Liberals were apologists for Communism and completely unwilling to confront an ideology it has sympathy for.

The Vietnam War was lost because the Western Liberals did not have the will to fight their comrades. After the end of the war, millions were killed in South East Asia in the late 70's and early 80's, because the Liberal dissent made it impossible for the West to aid them. The Liberals turned their backs on the very people they claimed they cared about in their anti-war protests.

Middle Eastern Terrorists learned from observing these conflicts. They also learned there was a weak willed segment of the Westerners that they could exploit, the Liberals. The Liberals could be exploited because they either sympathized with or feared the Terrorists, sometimes both. Only the Western Conservatives could be counted on to confront and resist the Terrorists. The real targets of Terrorism are Liberals, as Conservative will not allow Terrorism to affect their policies, while Liberals do not have the will nor desire to resist it.

Then came Russia’s intervention in Afghanistan. This was one of the few times Russia used conventional forces to export Communism. The Afghans were forced to used unconventional forces in response. America’s Liberals continued their apologizing for the Communists and the Conservatives aided the Afghans. The Afghans were successful in their struggle against Communism. A majority of it’s unconventional forces were radical Islamists and they learned the art of unconventional warfare very well.

What did the two ideologies do when Al-Qeada began to attack Western interests? The Liberals began their self blame foolishness and tried to appease them. The Conservatives sought ways to resist them. This pattern continues to this day. The only ideology moved or effected by the Terrorist propaganda or violence is liberalism. The Terrorists don’t play for the Conservatives they play for the Liberals. The Liberals are the only one listening to the Terrorists and Liberals the only ones the Terrorists listen to.

Bill Clinton appeased, ignored or ineffectively attacked Al-Qeada after every one of it’s attacks during his Presidency. His social policy and Military and Intelligence budget cuts left America vulnerable for the 9/11 attack. This approach has been proven to be ineffective. Bush’s approach has cost us over 1,000 American soldiers lives, but freed 50 million people and given them a chance to change the face of the Middle East. It is an ignored fact that there have not been any terrorist attacks on American soil since we sent troops into Afghanistan, but matters little to the America hating Liberals.

Which leads us to Ted "Vehicular Homicide" Kennedy, "Hanoi" John Kennedy and Michael "Goebbels" Moore. These three and everyone that votes for or is a fan of them are traitors to America and it’s people. Every time one of these traitors attacks our President or uses the word "Quagmire" a terrorist is inspired to make a bomb, behead someone or kill a Coalition soldier. The terrorist is not given hope when Bush says Iraq is moving ahead and towards Democracy, but that terrorist is given hope when he sees prominent Liberals say the Terrorists are winning.

People have died and are dying, because Liberals won’t ever shut up nor stand up.


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