Monday, November 01, 2004

10 out of 10 terrorists want Kerry to be the President, including Bin Laden.

If there was any question who Bin Asshole wants to be President here is the proof in his own words,

MEMRI said radical Islamist commentators monitored over the Internet this past weekend also interpreted the key passage of bin Laden's diatribe to mean that any U.S. state that votes to elect Bush on Tuesday will be considered an "enemy" and any state that votes for Kerry has "chosen to make peace with us."

This can be found in this article, MONSTER'S DEADLY WARNING TO 'RED' STATES.

Seems Bin Laden is not happy with the Bush efforts to track him and his coherts down either. He wants American's to elect Kerry, who is going to treat him as a nuisance again.

Oh and thanks to you Democrats, Bin Laden is trying to divide us further. USEFUL IDIOTS! When will you Democrats learn?


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