Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Bush Wins!!!!

In another sign that the Democratic Party has lost it's way, Bush as been re-elected for four more years!

Some would say it is not time for gloating! I disagree, Bush and his supporters have been the target for lies and smears for over a year and a half! I have been scorned, ripped off and I am glad to survive! I am glad my attackers failed! I am glad the terrorist appeasers failed! I am happy that I do not have to look at that ugly long faced traitor for the next four years. Not to mention his triple bag wife.

How has my life changed through this ordeal? I have been transformed from an Independent into a Republican. The behavior and tactics of the Democrats have made them Public Enemy #1 for me! I will be able to vote a Republican Party Line from now on. Thank you, Michael Goebbles Moore!

I have already been told by an unhappy DEMon that I cannot complain about Heathcare prices or the lack of a pay raise. As if Bush's re-election will have much of an effect on our unions negotiations with the local government I work for. I don't remember any beneficial effects from Clinton's eight years on our negotiations and contracts.

I have and will continue to complain about the price of the best medical care per dollar in the Western World. I will look to the providers to do more with less, not ask the government to destroy our healthcare system. I will also support drug prescription reform, emphasizing alternate treatments and having drug companies charge all of their customers for research and development costs, not just their American ones.

The only way to get substantial raises is to strike and no one seems willing to do that. The AFCME union slaves here seem to think that voting for Democrats will somehow get them a raise! It has never happen before and I have no reason to believe things would be different this time.

It reminds me of the Black woman that votes for Democrats because they care for minorities, while her life and the life of her family has not ever been made better by a Democrat's legislation. There is no incentive to make the woman's life better, she might then vote Republican!

Kerry, Moveon and Moore have done immeasurable damage to the credibility of the Democrats. They have a lot of work to do!


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