Monday, November 01, 2004

A dishonorable discharge for the Traitor?

This article examines Kerry's discharge documents(1 and 2).

Everyone should know that Kerry couldn't get into Harvard, the school Bush got a Masters from, for undisclosed reasons. At least one person on the Harvard's admissions board, remembers the reason being a dishonorable discharge.

Will the real John "Hanoi" Kerry please stand up?


At 7:07 AM, Blogger wxjames said...

Thanks, Steve. When I told a coworker this yesterday, she went ballistic. "Why haven't we heard this before ? Why doesn't the news tell us this ?"
Every day, more and more people are learning of the media bullshit bias and beginning to ask the question.
What does the media expect to gain by this shit ?
Well, with assholes like Sen. McCain writing laws which allow the media to create a close election where there is only one viable candidate and then forcing the parties to spend billions on TV advertizing, the media has managed to close the corcle of corruption and they have harvested those billions. Thanks, Sen McCain, you fuckin retard.
Steve, I've been concerned that becaus eof the way this campaign has evolved, we Americans never got to input what we want our, that is OUR government to do for us.
I can't impose on you, but we desperately need a 'contract with America" where we can list items like: stop illegal immigration and fix social security, and support realistic education for our children, rather than supporting the teachers union.
Once the items are listed, we can vote on them and create a smaller list of items with vast support and then, with massive internet backing, force action which we need for a change.
How do you feel about this prop ?
You could be on the ground floor of history.


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